50 years of passion

Born in 1961 in Cremona, "Enzo Rossi srl", Fiat dealer, took its name from its founder Enzo Rossi. In a short time it became one of the focuses of the city car market. 
Enzo transmitted to two of his sons, Michele and Luigi, his same passion for cars. Just graduated, Michele and Luigi joined the company and they added the vintage car trade.
At the same time, Enzo, particularly far-seeing, transformed the dealer in one of the first national multi-brand realities. Furthermore, Enzo was one of the first to believe in the japanese product and he opened one of the first Nissan dealer in Italy. 
But the love of vintage cars and the passion for racing, which Enzo transmitted to his sons at a young age, got the upper hand. So, the "Rossi Classic Racing" took shape.

The investment in Vintage cars

From a meticulous and punctual market analysis, it was found that in the last 40 years, the mean value of the vintage cars, the classic cars, the sports cars and the racing cars underwent a valuation decidely superior to the currency devaluation.

Therefore, there isn't another kind of passion which can combine business with pleasure. 

Preserve, restore and revive these cars means defend and increase the value of an artistic, cultural and creative estate, which may be handed down from father to son.